You will be aware that Storm Brendan is due to reach its peak at around 3.30 pm this afternoon. In order to do the best we can to ensure that the children are safe I have asked my staff to let them know the following:

1 All students who go home by bus (including from the bus station) are to go and wait in the EAST GYM until the buses arrive. We have been told that this will be at approximately 4.00 pm, weather permitting.

2 All students who walk home from school are very strongly advised to stay in school until the storm passes, which is currently thought to be by 4.00 pm. If students who walk home from school are in the WEST and SOUTH in p6, they should go to the WEST HALL. Students in the EAST during period 6 are to go to the EAST GYM.

Students will be released when the buses arrive. All students who remain will be asked to confirm that they have contacted home to let you know that they will be late.

3 School detention and (indoor!) after school clubs will continue.

Please keep checking the RGS website for further updates, or for any changes to these arrangements.

Thank you

Annette Baker