For the remainder of this year we will use this school blog to communicate items normally presented in RGS Mail

It is great to see so many students back in school now, we are fully confident that we have been able to pick them up with their learning from whichever point they reached when schools reopened. For the small number of students who have opted to stay at home until the end of term, we have collated work and sent it home either digitally or by post. We ask these students and their parents/carers to keep in touch with teachers in school and of course to contact us if they require any advice or further information.

Thank you for your engagement with our emergency remote teaching survey, this has now informed our new emergency strategy which we will apply in the unwished for event of a recurrence of the need to close school. Parents and carers need to know that students will access their work via Google, and will be expected to follow their school timetable at home.We are currently providing training for teachers in using Microsoft Teams, which we expect to be used at the start of lessons to register students and potentially also to deliver parts of lessons.I will send you our confirmed strategy when we have completed the finishing touches to it, at the latest by the start of next week.

We are looking forward to the Year 11 Prom tonight which will be attended by approximately 110 students and 50-60 staff.This and next week’s Year 13 Prom will both I am sure be in a very unique way totally unforgettable.

Annette Baker