I am totally outraged by the injustice of the exam board awarded grades both at A Level and IGCSE so far.

Please be aware that strenuous efforts are currently underway to appeal these results in several subjects.When there is clarity about the exact workings of the appeals process for all of the exam boards we work with, we will continue with appeals against A Level and GCSE gradings this week.

This situation is far from ideal for our students, parents and families nor is it what we, their teachers, in any way had hoped for.I will continue to work with my colleagues to press the case for the awarding of the teacher produced Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) and will of course keep you informed of our progress.You will all be aware that this has become a national issue now and that moves are afoot across the UK to address the legitimate concerns of students and teachers.Please keep an eye on what is happening in the news. I will of course update you when I have clearer information about the way forward from here.

In the meantime please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure the best outcomes possible in the circumstances for our students.We firmly believe that these outcomes are the ones produced by their own teachers on the basis of the work they have assessed over time.

Kind regards

Annette Baker