The Ramsey Grammar School (RGS) prizegiving ceremony is on Thursday 15 October 2020, which coincides with Hector Duff’s 101st birthday. Hector Duff will therefore be unable to present Lola Tebay with the Hector Duff, Spirit of Normandy Trophy, which is given to the outstanding KS3 historian.

As a result it was arranged for Lola to meet Hector at his house and be presented with her trophy. Lola and Hector enjoyed tea and cakes and along with her mum, Mrs Louise Tebay, Annette Baker, Head teacher of RGS, Glynis Duff and History Teacher Andrew Wilkinson while they reminisced about Kirk Michael and numerous other topics.

Lola won her prize for consistent performance in history lessons in KS3 but especially for her essay on Lady Lucy Houston, who contributed to the development of the Supermarine S6, Seaplane and ultimately the iconic Supermarine Spitfire. Especially impressive is that Lola produced her essay during lockdown. Hector said that ‘Lola had produced a wonderful essay and that he was very proud of her’. As well as receiving her trophy, Lola also received a certificate and £120 from the Spirit of Normandy Trust.

Earlier in the day Lola was presented with her Spirit of Normandy Trust certificate, along with other KS3 and KS4 winners, by Mrs Baker in the Hector Duff Study Centre at RGS.