Teapot Trust (Isle of Man) provide clinical creative interventions conducted by qualified and registered therapists.

Launched in November 2019, the charity currently provides a vital 1:1 clinical art therapy service within the Children

and Adolescent Mental Health Service at Nobles Hospital (CAMHS).

Some children need help to come to terms with the diagnosis of a chronic or long-term illness. Their ‘new normal’ may

involve frequent hospital visits, blood tests, medications, isolation and restrictions on childhood activities, all of which

take a heavy mental toll on youngsters and their families. Other children may have mental health needs associated

with conditions such as, anxiety, ADHD and childhood trauma. Clinical Art Therapy can help to give these children the

means to express their feelings and unlock concerns, which they may not be able to explain to their family or carers

with words alone.

However, the benefits of recreational art for general wellbeing are now also widely recognised and, following the

recent extension of the current lock down, the Charity’s Youth Ambassador Roo Hyett (age 14, a student at QE11

Highschool) found herself turning to art to improve her own mental well-being. This sparked the idea to encourage as

many children as possible to take a moment for creativity during this challenging lock down period.

Roo, who last year created an online busking channel, Teapot Tuesday, to raise funds for the charity, commented,

“I was feeling pretty down about being in lock down again and missing my friends, but being

creative always helps me feel brighter. I thought it would be great to have an art activity that all kids

can join in with, so I came up with the ‘Get Tea Party Arty Challenge’. It’s super simple, no tricky

rules and there are great prizes too, an Afternoon Tea Party for four people delivered to your door!

All you have to do is print the entry template from our Facebook Page @TeapotTrustIsleofMan and

decorate our teapot with a design, pattern, picture or scene that will fill any tea party table with fun

and colour. You can really let your imagination run wild!”

Teapot Trust SCIO has 10 years’ experience of providing Art Therapy in the UK, at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, The

Royal Hospital for Children and many more. The Charity’s founder, Dr Laura Young, originally from the Isle of Man, has

been determined to provide the same high-quality professional service for children here too. The new Manx charity,

Teapot Trust (Isle of Man) has received support from The Scheinberg Family, John C. Taylor Ltd and many others, to

allow it to set up the 1:1 service at CAMHS.

There is huge demand for greater access to children’s therapeutic treatments on the Island. In order to be able to

expand its much needed services, Teapot Trust (Isle of Man) is actively seeking additional finance and volunteer

members, particularly at board level and advisory board level. If you are interested in helping with any aspect of the

Charity please contact secretary@teapot-trust-iom.im.

Details of events and updates from the Charity can be found on Facebook @TeapotTrustIsleofMan and on Twitter


Entry forms and templates can be downloaded below