I am sure that by now you are aware that our year 11, 13 and 14 students will have some face to face teaching this week as hopefully we move towards a return to our normal school day.

From Tuesday 13th-16th April these students will follow the timetables attached below.

Please also note the following:

  • Year 11 are being split into 2 halves- Ayre, Barrule and Cushag are together, whilst Raven, Snaefell and Vollan make up the other half. This is to ensure appropriate social distancing measure are in place.
  • Sessions will take place either in the morning or the afternoon, with students only being required in school for the half day that they are timetabled for.
When Required Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Ayre, Barrule and Cushag AM only (9am-12) PM only (12:40-3:40) PM only (12:40-3:40) AM only (9am-12)
Raven, Snaefell and Vollan PM only (12:40-3:40) AM only (9am-12) AM only (9am-12) PM only (12:40-3:40)
  • Where students are not timetabled for lessons they should continue preparing for their forthcoming assessments.
  • Students should only enter the main entrance of the building where their lesson is taking place. Hand washing stations and hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Please do not use any of the side doors to enter the building.
  • Students are to arrive at the school shortly before the start of their lesson and must then leave the building once their lessons have finished.
  • Once students enter the building they must go directly to the classroom where they are timetabled to have their lesson (this may not be the classroom that they normally have their lessons in).
  • Please look at the documents below to ensure that you know which rooms to go to for each session.