It's Standalone Week 2016 - the week we've waited for all year.
Our Yr11 students have now finished, as have our Yr13s - and for everyone else it's time to do something different and learn something new.
Whilst Yr 10 take to the world of employment for their formal Work Experience placements, students in the Sixth Form have chosen to head off-island to visit universities or to stay and develop their leadership skills with the younger students. All students in Yrs 7-9 have been able to choose from an incredible menu of options which include off-island visits to Europe and the UK, and on-island activities which range from trips to the Calf of Man and Adventure Sailing on a 48" foot yacht to walking from Laxey up Snaefell and back down again to school, from craft and design and art and creativity to science adventures and water polo and boxing, from mountain-biking to comic making and film club........the list goes on and on as staff have tapped into their own specialist areas of expertise and skill to offer something different for students to try all week.
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