Year 7 (age 11 to 12) Ramsey Grammar School students were very excited recently to get the opportunity to take part in an archaeological workshop. Archaeologists, in conjunction with Manx National Heritage, are currently digging at a site near Kirk Michael in order to better understand the Isle of Man’s ancient past and specifically the round mounds dotted all around the island.

The archaeologists, students and alumni from Newcastle University and Leicester University took time out of their busy schedule to help the RGS Year 7 students gain an insight into the work that archaeologists do and how this important work will help them to better understand how people lived on this island thousands of years ago.

The series of workshops were a huge success, with the students all getting a chance to clean, analyse and document real artefacts.

RGS would like to thank “Round Mounds of the Isle of Man” director Dr Rachel Crellin, Amber Roy and the other participating archaeologists for organising and delivering the exciting, hands-on series of workshops which have helped inspire the Year 7 students of RGS and highlight the important ongoing work happening on a daily basis on this island to discover ancient artefacts which have not seen light for thousands of years.