We are thrilled to announce that Ramsey Grammar School will be taking part in the Hospice Isle of Man Wallabies Gone Wild project. Our students will work together to come up with their own designs, paint and varnish the sculptures so that they truly are unique pieces of work! This will encourage student creativity and teamwork, we hope that students across all year groups will be excited to get involved!

We have two wallabies and we aim to raise £2000 over the forthcoming months. The non-uniform day coming up shortly (Friday 15th February), will help to start the fundraising, however it will not reach the desired target amount. Therefore as a school we will need to work together to think of various fundraising events – the more creative the better!!

Hospice Isle of Man is a very worthwhile charity and extremely close to the hearts of many students and staff. We hope everyone gets on board with this meaningful project!