The challenges and issues faced by young people in this ever changing world were the subject of a series of presentations and workshops at Ramsey Grammar School’s recent Wellbeing Information evening. A series of speakers addressed over 80 parents and carers on topics including Social Media Concerns, Drugs and Alcohol, Mental Health Support for Parents and “The Teenage Brain”, receiving positive feedback from the very appreciative audience. Those attending had the added bonus of being treated to coffee in the Conor Cummins Café area of the school’s Student Services and Support area.

Director of Pastoral Care, Josie Corrin said, “The importance of wellbeing has become a fundamental part of our Ramsey Grammar School ‘Way of Being’. Students are educated about their own wellbeing and we are really pleased with the feedback we are receiving from them about the benefit of this. We are very aware that parenting children in this ever increasing stressful world can be challenging, especially living as we do in the middle of a social media mine field.
In our continuing drive with wellbeing, we arranged this evening so that parents could come and listen to experts and ask questions or ask for support for themselves or their child.”

Headteacher Annette Baker said: “The job of bringing up children in 2019 is very different from what it was even 10 years ago, especially with regards to the vast expansion in the exposure of us all to social media. Technology brings huge benefits to all who use it, but also risks to the health and well- being of our young people in particular if it is not accessed wisely. The recent scare with the “Momo” app brought home to parents who attended our information evening the importance of being as fully aware as possible of the various risks to the mental and physical health of their children. We are delighted to have provided a forum for the airing of parental concerns about all this, as well as to provide up-to- date information and, most importantly, access to the support of experts trained to help with specific concerns .”

If anyone would like any further information about any of the issues raised on the evening, please contact Josie Corrin, Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing at Ramsey Grammar School on 811100 or enquiries@sch.im