Last Friday saw the appointment of our new Senior Student team. The students were selected after a vigorous process which begun with the students putting themselves forward having being seconded by a fellow student and a member of staff. A ‘hustings’ was then held in front of the rest of year 12 and the seven candidates were tasked with presenting a statement about themselves in two minutes (a difficult task in itself), which was then followed by several questions from the student body. Each of the candidates shared their ideas about the future of the Sixth Form and the school, answering the questions with confidence having clearly thought carefully about their responses. Each student in year 12 then had a vote to choose the two best candidates in their opinion and for the first time, this didn’t have to be a male and female, just the best people for the job. Then came the gruelling interview process where the candidates faced a panel made up from Mrs Baker, Miss Bamford, Mr Curran, Mrs Lewis and our outgoing Head Students, Caitlin and Oliver. The field was exceptionally strong this year and it was a tough decision to make, but based on their performance at interview and the results of the student election, we are pleased to announce that our new Head Students are Tom Kinrade and Phoebe Coates. Our Deputy Head Students are Harry Parsons, Finlo Smith, Sian Hignett and James Boles, all of whom have already started to implement new initiatives such as inventive ways to support student transition from Y11 into sixth form, as well as creative ideas to develop our relationships within our wider Ramsey community. We also introduced a new role this year, Leader of the Student Council, which was awarded to Lucy Corkish. This role is designed develop and govern the increasing demands on the school council who are taking on whole world issues in line with our way of being and to promote student voice within the school.
A huge congratulations to all candidates, who performed to a high standard throughout the process and we have every faith that they will lead the students of RGS by example in the coming year. Well done!