Ramsey Grammar has made the commitment not to sell plastic bottled water in its canteen from September onwards.

This decision has been driven by concerns for the negative impact on the environment of the high volume of plastic waste and inspired by the Government’s Single-use Plastic Strategy which aims to reduce, if not eliminate, our reliance on single-use plastic containers and goods.

Ramsey Grammar School hit the headlines earlier this year when pointing out the financial impact on the school’s budget to making this significant move. However, the support of Conister Bank in providing all staff and students with refillable water flasks, together with the Chief Minister’s commitment to installing water fountains in all island schools, has made it possible to cease the sale of plastic bottled water. Headteacher, Annette Baker, said

“I am delighted to see the private and public sector working together to help solve problems which confront us all. We are grateful to Conister Bank and to Isle of Man Government for making it possible for us to stop relying on plastic bottled water for liquid refreshments at lunchtimes by providing us with the means to adopt an environmentally friendly alternative.

Our Catering Manager, Sonia Deakin, is currently trialling a number of alternatives to plastic bottled water in environmentally friendly packaging to give students some choice from September in what they are having to drink at break and lunchtimes. The provision of a different range of drinks to complement the water fountains will allow us to recoup some of the financial loss incurred by our commitment to doing the right thing.”