From the 1st September this year, Ramsey Grammar School has stopped selling plastic bottled water to its students in the school canteen.students in the school canteen.

With the help and support of Conister Bank, who have provided each student and staff member with refillable water flasks, and of Isle of Man Government through its installation of water filling stations, the school has been able to remove plastic water bottles from sale. Now students are able to refill their water bottles, maybe purchasing a shot of cordial or fruit from enterprising Year 9 students who are raising money for a charity of their choice. Headteacher, Annette Baker said; “I am really delighted to be able to demonstrate to the students that persistence in standing up for doing the right thing actually does pay off. Helped by the cooperation between the Government and the private sector through Conister Bank, the students have been able to bring about real change which will benefit our school community and the wider environment.”

Catering Manager, Sonia Deakin said; “We have sourced real alternatives to plastic bottled water, which we now sell in recyclable cartons in the school canteen, to supplement the drinks provision in the school for those who prefer an alternative to plain water. We are hoping that the sale of these will help us to offset the financial loss caused by ceasing the sale of plastic bottled water.”

The school is now working with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture to investigate further ways to reduce waste and recycle other goods and forms of packaging.

Attached photos:

Ramsey Grammar School students with Andy Bass and Kerry Waddington from Conister Bank (main photo).

Ramsey Grammar School students, Rosie Parsons, Demi Meyers and Dalainea Brown (from left to right)