The very first Family Communication Morning took place on Tuesday 25th September, please find below some of the topics which were discussed.

Headteacher, Annette Baker welcomed everyone and highlighted the importance of communication between home and school and how we aim to build upon this.

Sharon Henery from the Ramsey Grammar Parent Association spoke about families getting involved with the association. The association raises money for equipment and projects in school which are highly valuable. If anyone is interested in joining to help raise money or volunteering to help with refreshments at events such as the carol service please contact school at enquiries@rgs.sch.im

Josie Corrin went through how valuable the school website is for information. Suggestion of all letters being on the website was agreed as a valuable way of ensuring letters are not ‘lost’ in bags and families have access to the information. Parents also suggested the schedule for lessons relating to sex education, drugs and mental health talks so that they can support the discussions at home. These will be uploaded to the website.

A discussion was had regarding mental health concerns and support available to all students was discussed. All agencies used are mentioned on the WELLBEING section of the website. If anyone has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing or would like their child to speak with someone, please contact Josie Corrin via enquiries@rgs.sch.im

Use of mobile phones- the majority of parents would like their child to be able to bring their phone to school but agree with the ban on corridors and in lessons where they are not used as learning tools.

Ian Wilson- Special Needs Coordinator spoke about support available at RGS for academic and nurture. If anyone has any concerns or would like to contact Ian Wilson please do so via enquiries@rgs.sch.im

The next scheduled morning is the 22nd October and this will focus on reporting and tracking systems at RGS.