Dear Families, Students and Old Scholars

Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas break!I now look forward to continuing to working with you to face the new challenges of 2020.We are currently busy analysing mock results for our Year 11 who will very soon receive these on mock results day.Once again I take this opportunity to remind students that they should be aiming to achieve a minimum of 5 GCSE passes at grades A*-C including English and Maths.They will need these to enter into sixth form and to meet the minimum entry requirements for many employment pathways post 16.Tutors and teachers will be working closely with Year 11 students to address any gaps revealed by the results analysis and to support each student in the achievement of his or her full potential.Year 13 students are currently taking their mock exams, and we will repeat this process for them in due course.

So far on day one of our “clamp down” on mobile phone use, we have “only” had to confiscate 23 phones!We are expecting this number to drop as students realise that we are serious about enforcing our new approach, which requires them not to use their mobile phone at any time in school unless they have the express permission of the teacher in a lesson.For medical and other reasons some students will be treated differently in this respect but apart from these exceptions we are expecting everyone to respect the new rules.

Talking of Respect, this is the Way of Being value for this half term, one which is particularly appropriate the month that the Equality Act, requiring us to respect the rights of everyone, especially those with one of the “protected characteristics”, comes into full force.The link to the full text of this act is provided in this month’s RGS Mail.

Finally, a reminder about our annual, not to be missed, night of fun and entertainment RGS Community Quiz on Friday 31st January!Full details are in the RGS Mail - be sure to get your tickets!

Mrs A G Baker