Dear Families, Students and Old Scholars


Welcome to Ramsey Grammar School 2016/17 especially to our new Year 7 and Year 12 students who have joined our school at a time when we are celebrating the outstanding performance of our students in the recent examinations. This is particularly fitting in a year in which the school celebrates 70 years of comprehensive education aimed at making it possible for each child to achieve individual excellence, regardless of their social or academic starting point. Students achieved Ramsey Grammar School’s best ever GCSE results.

You will be hearing more about the celebrations for the 70th anniversary over the coming months but please drop into Ramsey Heritage Centre from 12 noon on Friday 16th September to see the exhibition being staged there to mark this important and significant milestone in education on the Isle of Man.

We were delighted with the examination results at both GCSE and Advanced levels and would like to take this opportunity to share and celebrate our students’ success.


There was a further 11% improvement overall on last year’s performance on the standard benchmark pass rate of students gaining 5 GCSEs at A*-C including English and Maths, with our students’ performance significantly exceeding the island average. We are delighted that so many students achieved at least this benchmark pass rate ensuring that they are well placed to move on to further education, training or into employment. As I said last year, employment opportunities for 16 year olds are few and far between on the island and in the UK, so I am pleased that so many of our Year 11 students have decided to stay on with us in the Sixth Form.

There were several outstanding individual performances. Our top performer was Calvin Koske who gained 6 GCSEs at A*, 4 A and one B. Jewel Bacani and Meg Byrne both gained 6 GCSEs at A* and 4 As.

There were also excellent performances from Sam Bentham, Bethany Hall, George Boles, Erin Millar, Frankie Greenwood, Maria Tramonatana, Thomas Cheeseman and Alice Lowdon

Congratulations and grateful thanks also to all of their teachers.

Dr Mike Pendrill would have been very proud of you all.

A Level

At a time of significant curriculum change resulting in even more demanding courses at advanced level, we are delighted by the performance of our post-16 students. Our A*-E pass rate at 99.51% yet again exceeded the island average of 98.1%, as did our pass rate of 44% at grades A*, A and B (island average 42%). Student results meant that the vast majority were able to move on the progression route that they had chosen, either to university, training, employment or experience.

There were some fantastic individual achievements.

Monique Lloyd-Davies gained A*A*AA. She will shortly become an under-graduate on a course in International Management and Modern Languages at the University of Bath.

This year’s “Roll of Honour” also features Voirrey Baker who achieved A*AAA who will shortly be starting a course in Mathematic and Physics at Rider College in the United States (hence no ‘s’ in Mathematic).

There were excellent performances also by Jenny Farrant, A*AA, Erik Millar A*AA, Seb Swithinbank A*AB, Phillipa Li A*AB, Alex Drowley AAB, Peter Enright A*B and Rowan Hogg A*A*.

We look forward to celebrating the results of our new Year 13 students, several of whom have already produced excellent performances in their AS exams. Georgina Coates achieved AAABB, Ben Roobottom, AAAA and Matthew Simpson, AAAB

It is clear from these results that comprehensive education works, providing access, opportunity and the possibility to achieve excellence to all students.

Thanks to our “families supporting learning” for the help and encouragement for our young people which is vital for them to be successful, in addition to the outstanding work and commitment of staff in school.

Annette Baker


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