With the change in our exam system to CIE Examinations, we are finding an even earlier than usual start to the exam season.GCSEs start in earnest this week and will continue until the end of June.A Level exams start next week.Letters are being sent out to parents of examination students to remind them of operational issues relating to public exams.I take this opportunity to ask parent and carers to study this information carefully.

We are soon to be celebrating the first birthday of The Northern Theatre Experience – I cannot believe that it is one year on the 11th May since we launched this exciting initiative with the screening of “Obsession” following a launch reception at Milntown! There will be a special celebration at the live screening of Macbeth on Thursday 10th May to mark the occasion.We are grateful to the Arts Council in supporting live screening and again urge you to look at our varied programme with a view to joining us for one or more of these events.Although we are delighted with the way in which live screening has been received in the community we still feel that not everybody out there knows about us.Please do not keep this wonderful facility a secret - If you or your family are unable to support us by attending, please let your friends, family and acquaintances know that it is possible to see first rate performances screened live from The National Theatre, Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet from the comfort of our own Northern Theatre Experience venue in the heart of our school.

As the TT week half term approaches we will be reminding students again of road safety at a time of year when the island roads are filled to beyond capacity.We ask exam students to take longer travel times into consideration as they make their way to school on exam days.

Students in non-exam years will be looking forward to what for many is the highlight of the year in our annual Standalone week.Next month’s RGS Mail will give highlights of this year’s activities.In the meantime, please keep supporting us by supporting the students as always but also by supporting school funded events such as the forthcoming art exhibition which is due to take place in the Town Hall this weekend.There will also be an exhibition of A Level artwork at the annual Art Open Evening on 15th May. If you would like to attend this please contact the school office.

Finally, I need to give you advance notice of roadworks on Lezayre Road from 10th June 2018 which will affect everyone who uses the school building and will also have a direct impact on school bus routes.Also, the east carpark is due to be resurfaced after TT week with all that that entails.I will send out a letter to all parents and families in connection with the consequences of these works.

RGS Mail May 2018