Dear Families, Students and Old Scholars

We are now well into the swing of this short second half of the spring term, and are already planning our schedule for Easter revision classes for our Year 11 students who will plunge into the deep end of external examinations more or less straight after the Easter holidays. Year 11 parents should have received information from us about the various ways in which our school and its staff can support them as they prepare for the challenges ahead, we would be grateful if you could do everything you can to encourage students to take advantage of the extra classes that we put on in holidays and after school to ensure that they have all the support they could possibly need.

Talking of support, it is clear from the feedback from our Wellbeing Information Evening that all parents who attended were grateful to us for sharing so much information on topics which can impact on students’ health and wellbeing. Over 80 parents and carers attended on the night to hear presentations on social media concerns, drugs and alcohol, “the teenage brain” and on mental health support for parents. Those attending had the added bonus of being treated to coffee in the Conor Cummins Café of the school’s Student Services and Support area. By the way, please remember to sign up via the Coop website to choose Conor’s Café at RGS as your chosen charity. Your help will make it possible for us to develop this area still further as a valuable resource for the whole community. We are always pleased to receive feedback from you and we are particularly pleased to hear how much the presentations were valued by our parents. The job of bringing up children in 2019 is very different from what it was even 10 years ago and we are all learning on the job. We are committed to providing information of this kind to our parents and carers to provide them with the help and support needed to tackle almost any eventuality.

Finally, I am delighted to announce that Rebecca Bovenizer will join us as Parent Governor at her first meeting on 26th March. Whilst welcoming Rebecca, I would like to thank Andrea Needham for her stalwart work as outgoing Parent Governor of RGS and for her continued engagement with us as a member of RGSA.

Mrs A G Baker