Dear Families, Students and Old Scholars

Where did that go?

The last six weeks seem to have flown by and here we are again at the end of another term with the Easter holiday now stretching before us. For our Year 11 and Year 13 students this will of course be a busy time as they prepare for GCSE and A Level exams which start shortly after the Easter break. In this edition of RGS mail we have published the timetable for revision classes over the Easter holidays showing extra classes which have been put on by our dedicated staff during the holiday to provide further support for exam students. We wish all students facing public exams the very best of luck in the run up to these – not that luck has anything to do with their exam success, as we keep telling them!

In this edition of RGS mail you will also find a summary of the findings from the recent external validation. A full copy of the report is available upon request. We are delighted at the vote of confidence given to us by the validators who concluded that we know ourselves well and are well placed to improve the school still further.

Finally, three sets of congratulations. First of all, to our Year 9 public speaking team who won the Douglas Rotary Club Speaking Competition at Ballakermeen High School. Winning this accolade will bring the competition to RGS next year for the first time since 1988. Our second shout out goes to our Charity Challenge team who won the Advocacy Award, as well as being placed 2nd overall in the recent One World Charity Challenge competition. Congratulations finally to the Senior Mixed Hockey team who won the annual mixed hockey tournament for the first time since 1984. We are very proud of the outstanding achievements of all of the students and staff involved in these competitions.

Finally I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing everyone again at the start of the summer term on Tuesday 23rd April.

Mrs A G Baker