Dear Families, Students and Old Scholars

As Christmas approaches we reach out in gratitude to all those members of the community of Ramsey Grammar School who have worked so hard to support the students of the school and its staff in working towards Excellence for All. In my Prizegiving speech I paid particular tribute to the efforts of our parents’ association, RGSA, to the Isle of Man Coop and to all parents and staff of the school for everything they have done to improve the life chances and opportunities available to our students.We recently received a cheque from the Coop for £17,908.03 to further develop our SS & S Conor Cummins community café. This constitutes the culmination of a fantastic year in terms of community support, a year in which the school has already benefited form help from Conister Bank, Isle of Man Government, Manx Sport and Recreation and all the agencies who have worked with us to support a variety of initiatives. For those of you who are interested to read it, I publish the full text of my Prizegiving speech in this month’s RGS Mail.

You will find reference in the speech and in last month’s newsletter, to the amazing school production of “Made in Dagenham” which played to sell out audiences last month. It was brilliantly acted and performed, highlighting the timeless message which I reminded everyone of at Prizegiving that “Nothing changes if it isn’t challenged”.I hope that all of us carry this message in to the New Year, taking every opportunity to confront injustices and unfairness in all its forms and to promote the antidote of kindness at every available opportunity.

Before signing off, a final word of encouragement to Year 11 students as they face the challenge of mock exams – keep your eye on the outcomes that you want in life to motivate you to achieve the highest standard of work that you can!

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish all members of the community of Ramsey Grammar School a very Merry Christmas and a positive and peaceful New Year. I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual Carol Service on Wednesday 18th December at St Paul’s Church, Ramsey

Mrs A G Baker