As our students are home learning, here is a list of ideas for additional sites which you may want to visit.

Please also see the links at the bottom of this page to more resources.


Screen_Shot_2020_03_25_at_10_18_28.png?m=1585131800BBC Bitesize

Screen_Shot_2020_03_25_at_10_18_52.png?m=1585131915Dialogue Works

Screen_Shot_2020_03_25_at_09_24_03.png?m=1585131994Brain Pop

Screen_Shot_2020_03_25_at_10_20_47.png?m=1585132048Chatter Pack

Screen_Shot_2020_03_25_at_10_21_19.png?m=1585132099Tynker- Coding for kids

Screen_Shot_2020_03_25_at_09_33_32.png?m=1585132160Khan academy

Pretend to travel the world. Go on a virtual tour of these 12 famous museums.




YouTube Channels:

- Science Channel

- SciShow Kids

- National Geographic Kids

- Free School

- Geography Focus

- SciShow

- Mike Likes Science

- Science Max

- The body Coach TV

Some resources to help with your children at home:

Netflix Series

BBC: Life

Tiger: Spy in the Jungle

Elephant: Spy in the Herd

Polar Bear: Spy on Ice

Dolphins: Spy in the Pod

Lions: Spy in the Den

Bears: Spy in the Woods

Penguins: Spy in the Huddle



The Lion in Your Living Room

A Dog’s Life

Tyke: Elephant Outlaw

The Crimson Wing

Bindi’s Bootcamp

Wings of Life

Born in China

72 Cutest Animals

Growing Up Wild

Baby Animals in the Wild

Hidden Kingdoms


Ghost of the Mountain


72 Dangerous Animals: Asia

The Hunt

72 Dangerous Animals: America

Africa’s Deadliest

72 Dangerous Animals: Australia

Trek: Spy of the Wildebeest

Africa’s Deadliest

Leopard Fight Club

Animal Fight Night

Peculiar Pets

Race of LIfe

Wild Ones

Earth & Nature :

From unbelievable natural disasters to the depths of the ocean, there’s plenty for nature-lovers on Netflix.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth II

Blue Planet

Frozen Planet

Planet Earth: As You’ve Never Seen It

A Plastic Ocean

Earth’s Natural Wonders

Mission Blue

World’s Worst Disasters

Nature’s Weirdest Events

Nature’s Great Events

Weird Wonders of the World

Forces of Nature

Desperate Hours: Witnesses & Survivors

Full Force Nature

Tornado Hunters

Space: There’s still tons to learn about space, but Netflix has plenty to jumpstart your out-of-this-world interests.

Alien Contact: Outer Space

NOVA: Earth’s Rocky Start

Into the Inferno

The Real Death Star

Edge of the Universe

Horizon: Secrets of the Solar System

The Inexplicable Universe

The Beginning and End of the Universe

Horizon: Supermassive Black Holes


In Search for Life in Space

History: History often repeats itself, so be prepared with these interesting shows.

NOVA: Secrets of Noah’s Ark

The Pyramid Code

Vikings Unearthed

WWII in Colour



Though they’re long gone, dinosaurs still capture our interests like nothing else!

Raising the Dinosaur Giant

Horizon Dinosaurs: The Hunt for Life

Dino Hunt

Geography: Travel the world from your home using these educational shows on Netflix.

Wild China

Wild Alaska

Encounters at the End of the World

South Pacific

Saudi Arabia Uncovered

The Truth Behind Atlantis

Escape to the Continent


A Leaf of Faith

Food Choices

In Defense of Food

Food, Inc

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