Curriculum Content: GCSE French and Spanish (WJEC )

This two-year course in both French and Spanish from the WJEC exam board is a continuation of work done in previous years. The course is examined at the end of those two years. The examination is in four parts, each part is worth 25%. The skills tested are: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students may be entered for Higher or Foundation Tier. They can be entered for a mixture of Higher and Foundation papers.

The course is divided into three main themes:

Identity and culture

The world – areas of interest

Current and future study and employment

Youth culture

- Self and relationships

- Technology and social media

Home and locality

- Local areas of interest

- Transport

Current study

- School and college life

- School and college studies


Health and fitness

Entertainment and leisure

France and French speaking countries

- Local & regional features

- Holidays and tourism

World of work

- Work experience & part time jobs

- Skills and personal qualities

Customs and traditions

Food and drink

Festivals and celebrations

Global sustainability

- Environment

- Social issues

Jobs and future plans

Applying for work and study

Career plans

The full specification can be found by clicking on the links below. These documents include a comprehensive vocabulary list for each topic as well as a detailed list of all grammar points.



Support available from the MFL Department.

Each child will have access to their respective google classroom. These classrooms contain all the resources students need to support their learning. Students will also have access to websites to help with independent learning. Some of these are free, however some have been paid for.

Some Free websites include the following:

At KS4 students can study GCSE Modern Foreign Languages. Further details about the course and the qualities you need to be successful can be found here.

KS4 Global Business Communication



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