Teaching and Learning CPD

At RGS our professional development for staff encompasses the best strategies to facilitate successful student learning. These are founded on evidence-based research and are constantly evaluated and developed in conjunction with changes in educational research and cognitive science.

We want all our students to be challenged in an environment in which they have every opportunity to grow academically and socially. Our vision is available to staff along with regular recommended reading to allow staff to access models they can implement into their daily practice.

We meet as a whole staff to discuss our Teaching and Learning vision and staff meet with each other to help coach each other through new techniques and practices. Staff CPD offers one of the most effective ways to improve student performance and develop a culture of excellence for our students which ties into our values and ways of being. We want to help teachers at all levels of experience continually improve the quality of their teaching and develop a CPD curriculum that addresses the development needs of individuals, departments, and the school.

We aim to ensure CPD is evidence informed, practical, relevant and linked to the school’s priority development plan.

Beyond the internal CPD curriculum, opportunities will be sought to allow colleagues to engage in external professional development activities, for example, Masters qualifications, NPQs, ECT and Mentor training.