The role of the Board of Governors is to ensure that RGS students are given the very best teaching, opportunities and support. The Board acts as a critical friend to the school ensuring that it fulfils its responsibilities by the setting of strategic goals, monitoring the delivery of those goals and if the goals are not being achieved, understanding why and ensuring that the approach is adjusted or the goal amended. Members of the Board are not involved in operational aspects of the day-to-day running of the school. Governors support with the recruitment and selection of relevant staff at senior level within the school. Our Governors are passionate about the school and forward-thinking people who take the time to get to know the school keeping up to date with training, legislation and current educational trends.

Please note - The role of the governor is not to be the voice of all of the members of the area they are representing nor to report back to the area they are representing but to act as a voice from the area they are representing.

Our governing body members are listed below:

  • Chair of Governors - Margaret Simpson
  • Education Council Member - Peter Whiteway
  • Clerk - Clare Cayzer
  • Parent Governor - Kevan Gelling
  • Teacher Governor - Conor Keenan
  • Support Staff Governor - Rosalie Beaumont
  • Co-opted Community Governor - Alison McKay-Mills and Stephen Turner

Please find our school Instrument and Articles of Government documents below for your information.

RGS - Instrument of Government

RGS - Articles of Government