Below are details of the projects run in each of the year groups at KS3

Year 7 Product Design

Design and make a wooden puzzle.

Students will be introduced to the Design and Technology workshop. Health and safety will be a focus and good working practices explained. Students will be taught to use a range of hand tools and machinery and will develop skills manipulating wood and plastics. Key experiences will include drilling, sawing and filing where correct techniques will be demonstrated and practiced. Vacuum forming thermoplastics will be utilised to produce packaging for the puzzle game. Designing skills will be developed and used to create graphics for their product packaging.

Year 8 Product Design

Design and make an item of body adornment.

Students will further progress the skills acquired in Year 7 to produce an item of jewellery. Students will be taught about classification and working properties of Hardwoods and Softwoods and incorporate their knowledge to support the designing of their outcome. Research will be undertaken in the first instance to stimulate creativity and encourage students to produce interesting designs. Working with a range of hand tools and machinery students will develop an individual outcome that will be finished with a range of waxes and polishes to a good quality.

Year 9 Product Design.

Design and make a keyring. An introduction to Pewter Casting

Students will be taught about classification and working properties of Ferrous Metals, Non Ferrous Metals and Alloys. Students will see a demonstration of casting molten Pewter into a mould produced from Medium Density Fibreboard and then generate a range of sketches of suitable Design Ideas. An introduction to Computer Aided Designing using Techsoft 2D Design software will follow. Design Ideas will be reproduced using the software and students will then experience Laser Cutting to produce a mould from which their idea can be produced.

Evaluation of the outcome including calculation and appreciation of material costings will conclude the project.

If a student cannot access the course then they (not the parent/carer) must email RGS Enquiries with the subject that they cannot access and their year group.

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