Please find below documents that cover the Key Stage 3 Curriculum Plan in both French and Spanish. Theses can be used to help support your child from home with the topics that will be covered.


KS3 MFL support work can be found by accessing the student's google classroom, students should already be enrolled on this course. If a student cannot access the course then they (not the parent/carer) must email RGS Enquiries with the subject that they cannot access and their year group.

Mr Judd

8A MFL 2019-20

8V MFL 2019-20

9B MFL 2019-20

9V MFL 2019-20

Mrs Rousseau

7S MFL with Mrs Rousseau

7C MFL with Mrs Rousseau

8S MFL with Mrs Rousseau

9A MFL with Mrs Rousseau

9S MFL with Mrs Rousseau

Mrs Stevenson




Miss Devlin







Also KS3 students can use

Students log on to

Username ramseygram

Password soyguay

Then click on ‘Beginner’

Then click on ‘French OR Spanish Flag’

Choose any topic, then click on ‘Presentation’ – after playing it 3x have a go at the many language games. Note any words you don’t know in your book

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