Leona Bell
English Lead

Chloe Spooner
Key Stage Four English Lead

Will Ward
Science Lead
Laura Crocker
Biology Lead

Ben Barlow
Chemistry Lead
Gareth Swinhoe
Physics Lead

Michael Flynn
Maths Lead

Jamie Leech
Key Stage Three Maths Lead

Emma Nicholson
Key Stage Four Maths Lead
Martin Harrison
Art Lead
Neil Owen
Drama Lead
Fran Grace
Geography Lead

Andrew Wilkinson
History Lead
Mathew Mortimer
Computer Science and Information Technology
Modern Foreign Languages Lead
Lorna Rousseau
Modern Foreign Languages
Subject leader
Ian Judd

Music Lead
Rosie Will
Physical Education Lead Girls
Tracey Mooney
Physical Education Lead Boys
Darren Ideson
Sarah Martin
Religious, Moral and
Philosophical Studies Lead

Craig Hindle
Social Sciences Lead