At Ramsey Grammar School we have a purpose built “Student Services & Support” area providing specialist intervention with an approach to supporting the “whole child.”

Student Services and Support (SS&S) enables students to receive a support package specialising in a high impact provision linked to their needs and mainstream requirements.

SS&S is an area within the school that focus on support for all, whilst driving forward an inclusive environment that ensures all students get the opportunity to succeed.

Students may transfer from primary school with some of their timetable already assigned to SS&S, whilst others may be referred at a later stage of their education, if Head of Years feel that they may benefit.

SS&S – Academic Support

Support is offered to students who have been assessed as requiring additional provision. Situations may prevent the students from accessing their full mainstream curriculum, and as such they will attend SS&S in place of one or more of their subjects.

Once the level of their difficulties has been assessed, students work on a curriculum, which allows them access to a multi-sensory approach to literacy and numeracy. Students work in small groups, but may have the opportunity to work on a one-to-one basis as well.

Regular mainstream assessments and tracking takes place to check on the students’ progress and where appropriate students may return to a full-time curriculum.

SS&S – Social and Emotional Support

The focus of much of the work is emotional literacy, and students are encouraged and helped to express and discuss their feelings. This leads to a stronger sense of individuality and independence when building relationships elsewhere within the school and community.

“The Hive” is an area of support within SS&S and is a “safe base” for students who may struggle to access the wider school environment. It is designed to provide a gentle transition from home to school. Students may access “The Hive” facilities for a few lessons per week or significantly more dependent on their individual need. Students accessing “The Hive” will be encouraged to develop independence, confidence and self-esteem, at their pace. Building positive relationships is an important part of the work with students, staff and families. Core subjects work will be provided and delivered by qualified teaching staff where possible, however will still be taught within the SS&S area to ensure the Hive remains a safe and non-confrontational learning area. The Building room is used for LEGO therapy in lesson time and at Lego Club which is offered during lunch times. There is also a daily lunch and breaktime club for any students who require a quieter and calm space supported by SS&S staff. The main aim is for students to be able to attend school feeling happy, and comfortable initially within “The Hive” with the eventual aim of attending as much mainstream education as they can manage.

SS&S – Engagement Support

The Engagement provision offers a variety of support opportunities for students who may be struggling to fulfil their full potential.

Support in the following areas of development is provided:

● Improving social skills

● Awareness and self-esteem.

● Empowering young people to manage themselves in a positive manner

● Enable them to handle difficult situations.

● Preparing for the wider world with work experience placements and a focus on developing skills required in the workplace.

● Providing students with an alternative personalised curriculum which compliments their mainstream learning along with addressing the students own needs and difficulties.

Curriculum and self-development programmes include:

● Anger Management

● AQA Units

● Employability

● Career Guidance

● Social Skills

● Portfolio of personal skills and experience

● Emotional Support

● Personal crisis management

● Off-site education including college tasters, ESC involvement, Youth Services

● Outdoor Pursuits

● Asdan course


The LSU is a specialist provision for students with profound and multiple learning needs. Students attending the LSU have met the specified levels outlined by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture, detailing that Unit based provision is required. Students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum accessing mainstream lessons alongside their peers where appropriate.


Connor Cummins Café

This exciting, unique concept provides an area within Student Services and Support that allows students to further develop their skills in a stimulating environment away from the standard classroom provision. This area enables students to further develop their confidence, self-esteem and a wider range of skills that they can take with them out into the wider community. It is envisaged that this area will become a social hub with public, parents, staff and students all coming together.

TEACHING ASSISTANT (TA) - The Role and Responsibilities

The TA’s primary role at RGS is to take responsibility for the daily care and needs of students identified as needing additional support, along with enabling them access to the curriculum, to facilitate independent learning and to promote inclusion. TA’s will generally carry out a variety of roles and these roles may vary between classes, subjects, key stages and even schools. Some TA’s will be asked to support individual students, others to support the whole class or groups within the class. The focus of support maybe on academic progress or behaviour or both. TA’s may also provide administrative support, technical support or be involved in pastoral care. TA’s may be required to support exam access arrangements which may involve reading, scribing or both for students


Access arrangements are confirmed by SENCO/Deputy SENCO and put in place for formal examinations/assessments.

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At KS4 students can study ASDAN. Further details about the course and the qualities you need to be successful can be found here.Asdan_pdf.pdf

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