At KS4 students can study GCSE History. Further details about the course and the qualities you need to be successful can be found here.

The History department will once again be running the Spirit of Normandy competition. Normally this is for year 9 students only. However, this year it has been decided that it will be opened up to all year groups.

“Spirit of Normandy - Essay writing competition.
Please see an attached leaflet about a competition from the Spirit of Normandy Trust, an organisation that is very close to our D Day Veteran Hector Duff's heart.

During self-isolation/social distancing you may want to do some research and write an essay, and the subject is "World War Two events and their Historical significance". You can basically talk about anything WWII related and it will be something you can really research in depth during this period of enforced isolation. See the leaflet for more details.

Please email your history teacher on if you have any queries/questions.

Also send us a photograph/email of your work, so we can pass comment. We'd love to see loads of entrants and get a RGS winner in 2020.”

KS4 History support work can be found by accessing the student's google classroom, students should already be enrolled on this course.

IGCSE – General

IGCSE – IOM Tourism c1850-1914 (coursework)

Mrs Lewis' History Legends

If a student cannot access the course then they (not the parent/carer) must email RGS Enquiries with the subject that they cannot access and their year group.

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