At KS3 there are several areas which are discussed in detail

Year 7 Christianity (Holy week, stations of the cross, Jesus crucifixion, Resurrection)

Year 8 Buddhism (Life of monk, meditation, religious mandalas)

Year 9 Christianity (life & death module –crime & sin, wealth & poverty, war and &peace)

KS3 RMPS support work can be found by accessing the student's google classroom, student should already be enrolled on this course. Please accept your invite for this class on your gmail account.

If a student cannot access the course then they (not the parent/carer) must email RGS Enquiries with the subject that they cannot access and their year group.

Year 9

Year 8

Year 7

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Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies

RMPS stands for Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies. We are a small team that is dedicated to providing an objective environment in which our students can explore complex and relevant topics, issues and concepts that shape the world we live in. As…

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