RMPS stands for Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies. We are a small team that is dedicated to providing an objective environment in which our students can explore complex and relevant topics, issues and concepts that shape the world we live in. As a department we are passionate about enabling young people in our community to flourish into respectful and kind human beings that celebrate and are knowledgeable about diversity and culture. At the very core of our subject are the following aims of enabling young people to:

• Understand people who are different to them.
• Respect people who are different to them.
• Learn to stand up for what they believe is right

We look at the six major world religions in Y7/8 and then students move on to explore moral and philosophical issues in Y9. At Key Stage 4 students have the option of studying WJEC Religious Studies GCSE full course alongside Core RMPS which covers a range of topics including religious extremism, peace and conflict, medical ethics, philosophy of religion and prejudice and discrimination. We also have the option to Study Eduqas Religious Studies A Level in Sixth Form which is a great foundation for many careers and further study options.

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At KS5 students study A Level Religious Studies. Further details about the course and the qualities you need to be successful can be found here. https://rgs.sch.im/pages/index/view/id/114/6th%20Form%20Booklet KS5 RMPS support work can be found by accessing the student's google classroom, students s…

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RMPS Key Stage 3

At KS3 there are several areas which are discussed in detail Year 7 Christianity (Holy week, stations of the cross, Jesus crucifixion, Resurrection) Year 8 Buddhism (Life of monk, meditation, religious mandalas) Year 9 Christianity (life & death module –crime & sin, wealth & poverty, war and &peace…

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